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This bank does nothing but charge fees and their absurd web page is useless and will kick you out if you hit the back button and you have to log in 5 times just to TRY and find what you are looking for. They currently have charged me $125.00 for "nsf" when they posted my deposit to my account and then tell me it was still being processed even AFTER it said funds were available!

This has been nothing but trouble and the expenses of all these fees is criminal. i recommend Landmark Credit Union or ANY other financial institution - stay away from Guaranty Bank!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Guaranty Bank - Stoughton,WI. I closed my account due to their incompetent staff and Bank Manager.

I waited for over an hour for them to close the acct. and give me a check for my balance, after the acct.

was closed they still keep sending me overdraft charges, I went back and the manager told me that their system screwed up. Well, if thats the case, why would I even want to continue do banking with them and recommend them to anyone.

Namangan, Namangan, Uzbekistan #295136

This Bank gave my employee access to my Business account My employee open a bank account at Guaranty bank I have her as a person who can deposit checks into my account thats it Ok back to her opening her account.She wanted internet access for her account so she signed up internet banking when she signed into her account she seen her account and she seen my accounts business and personal.I am the only person on my accounts this bank violated my privacy rights. waiting to sue the sh_t out of them.They are trying to cover it up.WATCH GUARANTY HERE I COME AND THIS TIME YOU ARE PAYING ME. WAIT TILL YOU SEE MY FEE'S

I am so thankful for Macros


Every bank places holds on checks. Guaranty Bank places a two day hold, one day if it is a payroll check.

This is to protect the bank from losing money if when the check is presented it comes back "non sufficient funds." All banks have check holds. If you use funds that are still placed under that hold, then yes you will get a fee. That's just common sense. And of course banks are going to charge for use of an ATM.

Every bank does. That is common sense right there. But you get two free ATM uses from non-Guaranty Bank ATM's a month. Guaranty Bank is also one of the only banks that are going to remain a "free checking account" Because all those other banks that you guys "recommend" will be charging you maintence fees monthly.

So have fun with those. Every one of you guys know nothing about banking so it is hilarious to read these. All of you deserved the fees you got.

Welcome to the banking world. Every bank charges fees.


Then i find out they tried to say they had to "HOLD" a check deposited for 5-7 DAYS because it was "Out of State" - HEY GENIUSES, THE CHECK WAS FROM WELLS FARGO - YOU KNOW THE BANK THAT IS ALL OVER THIS CITY!!!! JUST BECAUSE THE CHECK SAYS "OHIO" IS ONLY SHOWING THE CORPORATE OFFICE!!!!


ATM USERS: file a complaint at - that is the ONLY way you will get a reaction out of these "people". They returned $75 out of the $125 to my account after i filed a claim.

Walford, Iowa, United States #85457

Guaranty Bank charges their own customer $2.50 to use other people's ATM, while the other ATM already charged $2.50. It's ridiculous!!!!

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