Be very careful if you make payments using your Guaranty Bank account or debit card information. Even if you out out of their overdraft coverage they WILL NOT decline payments sending you into an overdaft situation, will charge you $37 each, and then send your account into a spiral for even more bounce fees.

They are shysters just waiting to trap you by their terms.

STAY FAR AWAY of Guaranty Bank no matter how convenient they or luring their promotions seem to be. Even their own staff are embarrassed by having to enforce the conniving shenanigans (legalized robbery) of their policies and terms.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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This place is ***. I have never experienced so terrible in my life.

I've asked them to remove my Savers rewards monthly payments. They did not. They charge you overdraft fees for $37. They are shysters.

They will take you for all of your money. Be aware stay away. I would suggest UW credit union or something with the credit union. Stay away from guarantee bank.

They are scammers and if you value your money I would suggest to stay far away from gb. They suck!!!!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #669179

First, as a representative of Guaranty Bank, I'd like to apologize for the issue you've experienced and that it hasn't been resolved satisfactorily.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to clarify a point surrounding our overdraft protection program: If a customer has opted out of ATM and everyday (non-recurring) debit card transactions, those transactions will be declined when the customer does not have a sufficient available balance and no overdraft fee is charged. Everyday debit card transactions do not include recurring debit card transactions which are subject to an overdraft fee.

I encourage you to please contact us so that we can examine your specific situation and reach a resolution. You can reach us at 414-362-4636.

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